rated R? don’t you mean rated Rawr? xD 


Here’s the second run of characters. Had alot of fun with Tali and Samara, but I really need to work on my women. There’s a few I would like to do over again but everyone let me know if you would like to see more!


This just in: Tumblr user shavingryansprivates and local psychopath Mac Demarco have just been inducted into the “cool dudes who turned out to be human trash” hall of fame



In light of recent allegations and accusations and basically exposures of tumblr users, a masterpost of sorts was collected

I realize that I have a part in some of these so I’m sorry if you feel this is biased but also like… shut up

i also know that

  • unfollovving
  • nikalos
  • hotboyfriend
  • earthdad

are pretty creepy as well but i dont have the posts

if you have anyone else to add feel free to link me and i will update this post as we go. or you could reblog it but i feel like it’s easier with just one post.

and you think im bad? im just an asshole. at least i dont try to get nudes out of my followers

see you, space cosby